White House Press Secretary Gives Herself A New Title

Karine Jean-Pierre, press secretary for the White House, described herself, audaciously, as a “historic figure” in an interview last week for a website called The Grio.

Jean-Pierre was asked to reflect on her time in office and called herself a “history maker” for being the first Black person, LGBT person, and immigrant to hold the position.

She remarked that being the first is always very different, adding that she doesn’t know if she’d ever had an image or view of what it would be like as a historic figure. She said it will be very different for her than it was for the last 34 press secretaries, “and that’s just a fact.”

She continued by saying it was an honor to speak on behalf of President Biden but then turned the conversation back to what it means to be who she is. Jean-Pierre hailed President Joe Biden’s administration as the “most advanced LGBTQIA+ equality ever” and the most pro-equality administration ever.

When asked about the accomplishment she is most proud of since beginning her position, she started by referring to herself as “a historic figure.”

Two of her favorite experiences while working for the White House press team were covering the release of Brittney Griner and the confirmation of Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court.

The liberal website, The Grio,  praised Jean-Pierre’s “swag” on the job and asked her many easy questions about her workday. She also insisted that she never goes near autobiographies.

Jean-Pierre had worked as an analyst for MSNBC before joining the Biden administration: former Biden press secretary and current MSNBC weekend anchor Jen Psaki.

Ms. Jean-Pierre has made history by being the first black woman and openly homosexual person to serve as press secretary in the White House.

“Firsts” seem to matter more when the person is a leftist. It doesn’t matter as much when the person is a conservative.