White House Omitted Judge Jackson’s Light Sentencing For Child Predators In Document Sent To Senators

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Republicans have accused the Biden White House of purposely not including important information about a serious child pornography case that Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson oversaw in a collection of documents and materials that were handed over to Senators ahead of her confirmation hearings.

Jackson, who was nominated by President Joe Biden to replace Justice Stephen Breyer on the Supreme Court, oversaw the case last year just before she was expected to be elevated to the Washington, D.C. Circuit Court. The case – U.S. v. Cane – related to a man who had collected more than 6,500 files that included videos and images of children engaging in sexual acts. The children in the photographs were aged between elementary school and high school.

Jackson sentenced the man to only 60 months in prison despite the probation office recommending a harsher sentence of 84 months based on the severity of the crime.

A Republican Judiciary Committee aide spoke to Fox News about how the information was not provided to senators ahead of Jackson’s confirmation hearings, and how Republican legislators believe that it was an intentional cover-up.

“Not only does this case, which Judge Jackson left off her list of child abuse cases, undercut her argument that she followed the probation office’s recommended sentences, but it also underscores the perils of moving too quickly in the vetting process,” the aide said.

Now, why do you think the White House might not want Republicans to know about that?

Legislators were given a set list of cases overseen by the judge and compared her sentences to recommended sentences in 14 other child abuse cases. The aim was to show that claims by Republicans that Jackson was too lenient on child sex offenders are wrong. Which is presumably why this wasn’t included.

The White House has since defended not only not providing the information to senators, but also the sentence that Jackson gave in the case, claiming that Jackson’s sentencing was “consistent with or above what the government or the U.S. Probation Office recommended.”

It’s just…a blatant lie.