White House Migration Strategy Under Attack

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Despite the incredible success of President Donald Trump’s border policies, President Joe Biden is convinced that he can solve the crisis on the southern border by promising amnesty to tens of millions of illegal aliens while also promising more aid to Central American countries.

But…it’s not working out so well.

This week it was revealed in the Washington Examiner how Biden’s promise to tackle corruption in Central American countries is being criticized by the leaders of those countries, with President Nayib Bukele of El Salvador slamming President Biden’s attack on the nation.

Bukele has so far refused to meet with Biden’s envoy, which presumably includes Vice President Kamala Harris under her remit of overseeing the border crisis.

In a meeting with foreign diplomats broadcast on national television, Bukele defended his recent decision to oust El Salvador’s attorney general and top five judges, and to ignore the Biden administration, saying that he was acting within the law and “elections have consequences.”

Where have we heard that one before?

It follows the landslide victory of Bukele’s national party in March.

According to an aide working for Vice President Harris, the White House still believes in working with Bukele on the migrant crisis, though it’s unclear how exactly they think that’s going to work.

Soon enough they’re going to just have to admit that President Trump was right…

Symone Sanders, the chief spokeswoman for Harris, said that the news from El Salvador “will not impact the administration’s efforts to work with the El Salvador government on immigration.”

Yeah, right.

The response from El Salvador was incredible. A Bukele spokesman responded to the ongoing debacle by stating that “Biden and Harris are trying to save their reputation by destroying ours.”


“They mishandle the crisis at the U.S. border by allowing tens of thousands of migrants so they can supply cheap labor to U.S. corporations and are trying to defend their incompetence by casting Bukele as a dictator,” the spokesman said.


Central American leaders preferred Trump, and Biden isn’t making any progress on the border after effectively welcoming in hundreds of thousands of new illegal aliens.

We have four years of this, folks…