White House Launches Scheme Going After White Conservatives

(FreedomBeacon.com)- For the first time ever, President Joe Biden and his administration actually cares about white conservative Americans…well, he cares about pushing white conservative Americans to do what he wants them to do.

This week, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki admitted that the Biden administration was launching a new marketing campaign designed to focus on “white conservative areas” and encourage Americans skeptical of the vaccine to get it anyway.

Psaki said that the Biden administration would spend billions of dollars – as if spending trillions on extremist left-wing legislation wasn’t enough – on instilling confidence about the COVID-19 vaccine on “hardest-hit” communities.

“Often people think of that as just Black and brown communities and that is not,” she said. “As you’ve noted, that is also conservative communities, white evangelicals. It’s a range of communities around the country.”

The only time the Democrats consider white communities to be the “hardest hit” is when they’re talking about communities that don’t comply with what the government wants them to do?

Psaki explained the many ways that they are planning to force white communities to take the vaccine, including commercials that will be played during popular TV shows, and other efforts to reach out to conservative community groups.

Is this the first time that Democrats have ever tried speaking to Republicans?

“We’ve run PSAs on ‘Deadliest Catch,’ we’re engaged with NASCAR and Country Music TV,” she said, in what many might take as an offensive stereotype of white conservative Christians.

Do all white conservative Christian Americans watch Deadliest Catch and like NASCAR?

The White House is reportedly spending $10 billion to advertise the vaccine to the “highest-risk” communities. Some $3 billion was made available by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to reach out to community groups and various health organizations.

“We’re looking for a range of ways to get directly connected to white conservative communities,” Psaki also said. “We won’t always be the best messengers, but we are still trying to meet people where they are, but also empower local organizations.”

Perhaps the Democrats should consider not pushing extreme legislature measures through Congress if they want Republicans and conservatives to listen to them.