White House Hosts “Superspreader” Event While Lecturing America On Health

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Many Covid infections have been connected to the White House Correspondents Dinner, a masks-off, packed feast of self-congratulation that takes place every year at the White House. “Trevor Noah joked about the event being a superspreader — and now the cases are pouring in,” writes CNN’s Brian Stelter.

So that was a superspreader, was it not?

Is superspreader only a label for gatherings of people who Brian Stelter and CNN do not approve of or tolerate?

According to Brian Stelter, the coronavirus has infected ABC correspondent Jonathan Karl, who has shaken hands with President Biden and sat next to Kim Kardashian on the red carpet. As a result, Karl maintained close touch with at least one individual that mattered.

Stelter wrote afterward that anecdotally speaking, most of Tuesday afternoon appeared to consist of participants exchanging text messages and emails about colleagues and acquaintances and others they had seen who had tested positive. That’s undoubtedly going to continue in the following days and weeks.

In light of the fact that this was anticipated and expected, perhaps the dinner should not have been held? Or, at the absolute least, the president shouldn’t have been in such intimate touch with anyone?

Not really. It was an excellent decision to have the dinner. It’s a mystery that a president who is close to 80 years old is permitted to shake hands with people, considering that shaking hands is a wholly superfluous ritual. Because the illness spreads rapidly among those vaccinated, such as those who attended the meal, vaccination apartheid is pointless. Except for the elderly, those with vaccinations have very little reason to be concerned about severe disease. However, we have been aware of this for about a year. As a result, the rest of the country should have followed the WHCD model.

So again, please explain to me why children, who are in a considerably lower risk category even while unvaccinated than President Biden is after being vaccinated, have been forced to spend so much of the last two years wearing masks and why toddlers continue to be subjected to mask regulations in many regions.