White House Excludes Race In New Supreme Court Tool

(FreedomBeacon.com)- On Friday, the Biden administration released a brand new screening tool designed to help the administration identify disadvantaged communities that are affected by a range of serious environmental hazards. However, for some reason, the White House chose not to include race as a factor when determining where resources should be sent.

It’s a loss for Vice President Kamala Harris, who has long claimed that non-white communities in the United States are affected by issues like climate change more than anybody else.

And while it’s a win for common sense, it’s obvious that this story won’t go very far in the mainstream media – nor will it really result in any massive changes in government.

President Joe Biden won’t be denouncing the race-baiting from members of his administration any time soon.

Biden White House officials told reporters that the decision to exclude race was also made to help avoid legal challenges. Presumably, the Biden White House is very aware that racial discrimination is not allowed under the United States Constitution.

And while one might think that not discriminating based on race is something Americans would welcome, many people have actually criticized it.

Newsmax reports how Robert Bullard, a professor of environmental policy from Texas Southern University in Houston and a member of the White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council said that the decision was a “major disappointment” and a “major flaw” in accurately determining who is affected the worst by pollution.

The question is…if non-white people are the most affected by climate change, then why do they need to include race at all?

Shouldn’t it be plainly evident in their data and research?