White House Email Leak Exposes Top White House Officials Obstructing Flights From Afghanistan

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Reports reveal how Biden’s State Department has refused to approve proposals by private charter plane operators who indicated their intentions to travel to Afghanistan to save the remaining Americans stuck in the country.

After the Biden administration abandoned at least 100 Americans in the country following the disastrous withdrawal of U.S. troops from the country – which saw billions of dollars of military equipment left behind for the Taliban – private charter pilots contacted federal authorities to grant approval to private evacuation flights.

According to a leaked email seen by Fox News, the pilots indicated that they would fly planes to third countries surrounding Afghanistan, offering a trip home to Americans who could sneak out of the country.

The State Department refused the request on the grounds that the efforts would pose a threat to anybody on board the planes and on the ground at Department of Defense airbases, and even said that charter flights containing American citizens wouldn’t be allowed to land at airbases operated by the Defense Department.

They couldn’t make an exception?

According to the Fox report, Eric Montalvo, who previously organized a number of private flights for Americans stuck in Afghanistan, shared the email after he was repeatedly stopped from helping Americans abandoned by President Joe Biden.

A State Department spokesperson said that if even if pilots attempting to conduct the evacuations were to reach agreements to land their evacuees in other countries, the State Department will continue to refuse to “approve” the flights.

If the flights do eventually take place, and if any are landed in Afghanistan, it appears likely that the Taliban might demand payments to allow the plane to leave. The Daily Wire revealed in a report that the Taliban has already requested payment for allowing planes to leave as part of a “de facto” hostage-taking plan.

Does the Biden administration have any plan to save the people they left behind?