White House Comms Shared Tweet Saying “Biden Showered With His Daughter” 

(FreedomBeacon.com)- This past Wednesday, White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates got into a sticky situation when he shared a video from an account with an account name that shed the President in a terrible light. 

A senior digital strategist for XStrategies LLC and former Daily Caller social media coordinator Greg Price’s video of White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was shared by Bates. Price had briefly switched his account name to “Joe Biden Showered With His Daughter” before Bates published the film, so that’s what was shown beneath Bates’ post. 

Bates reposted the initial tweet from Price that included the video without glancing at the account name. 

Price, adding insult to injury, thanked Bates for retweeting his video. 

One Twitter user noted that Price is on a government account, so he can’t delete the retweet. 

As shown in Price’s press conference video last Thursday, Press Secretary Jean-Pierre is whining about the Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg being the target of “bad faith attacks” for managing the train crash and hazardous chemical leak in East Palestine, Ohio. 

The spokeswoman says there have been many unfounded allegations against Secretary Buttigieg. She says to “remember Elaine Chao” and notes that no one was clamoring for her head when there were chemical accidents when she was the director of the Department of Transportation. 

Buttigieg was criticized for his 10-day silence throughout the crisis. Twenty days after the disaster on February 3, he traveled to the site in East Palestine for the first time. 

The account name on the press conference video, Biden Showered With His Daughter, refers to a passage penned by Ashley Biden in her diary, which has been authenticated. 

During her recovery, drug user Ashley Biden hid her private journal beneath a mattress in a halfway house in Palm Beach, Florida. Her drug usage, sexual addiction, and “hypersexualization” were described in this journal. 

Ashley Biden wrote about  “probably not appropriate” showers with Joe Biden when she was a child.