White House Claims No Regret On Ukraine Package

In a recent statement, National Security spokesman John Kirby reaffirmed the White House’s decision to include Ukraine aid in the funding package for border security. Despite Senate Republicans blocking the supplemental funding bill, Kirby stated that there is no regret within the White House about the decision.

Kirby emphasized the urgency of all four components of the supplemental funding package, which includes assistance for Ukraine and Israel, the Indo-Pacific strategy, and the border. He noted that $6 billion was allocated for additional resources at the border, addressing the Republicans’ concerns about the situation’s urgency.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre echoed Kirby’s sentiments, emphasizing the importance of the supplemental funding and expressing disappointment in the Republicans’ actions. She criticized their unwillingness to provide more funding for Ukraine’s war effort, suggesting that it would be a gift to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Jean-Pierre called on Republicans to reconsider their stance, warning that history would remember them harshly if they failed to act. She urged them to prioritize the needs of Ukraine, Israel, and the Indo-Pacific by approving the supplemental funding.

Senate Republicans blocked the bill due to the absence of border provisions. They had previously clarified that they would withhold their votes unless the bill adequately addressed border issues. The 51-49 vote fell short of the 60-vote threshold required for consideration, with all Republicans voting against the measure and Senator Bernie Sanders also voting against it. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer flipped his vote to “no” to allow the bill to be brought up again in the future.

Bipartisan discussions on border issues stalled recently when Democrats walked away from the table, arguing that Republicans’ demands were excessive. President Biden expressed his willingness to make significant compromises on border policy to secure funding for Ukraine. While he requested billions of dollars for additional border agents, immigration judges, and asylum officers, he did not provide specific details about the changes he would support.

The situation remains uncertain as Democrats and Republicans continue to negotiate and seek a resolution that meets the needs of border security and Ukraine aid priorities.