White House Blames Media for Biden’s Polling, Demands More Favorable Press

(FreedomBeacon.com)- While Americans are struggling under the weight of inflation and skyrocketing consumer prices, the White House is busy blaming the press for President Joe Biden’s approval numbers being in the toilet.

Yeah. Really.

The White House believes that the news media has been far too critical of Joe Biden and that’s why America is turning on him.

Yeah. They’re tough all right.

Last week, Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank claimed that Biden is treated worse in the press than former President Donald Trump.

Boy, they were never that mean to Donald Trump!!!

Does Dana Milbank have the memory of a fish?

While the Washington Post published every nonsensical lie during the RussiaGate hoax, they, like every other outlet except the New York Post, refused to report on Hunter’s dirty deals and Joe Biden’s involvement in them.

But Dana Milbank thinks the press has been overly harsh with Joe.

White House officials landed on that laughable op-ed with both feet and used it as a pretense to demand news outlets start cranking out favorable stories on Biden’s behalf. They held “briefings” with top people at various new outlets demanding they write about how wonderful a job Joe Biden is doing on the economy. According to CNN’s Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy, those “briefings” between the White House and news outlets were “productive.”

And it showed.

Within no time, news outlets started reporting on “the Biden boom,” crowing about how well the economy is doing under old Joe. They cranked out stories explaining why inflation is actually a good thing. They began celebrating a tiny two-cent drop in the average price of gas as if Biden cut gas prices in half.

The problem isn’t Biden’s press coverage; the problem is Joe Biden is a terrible president.

Biden hasn’t even been in office a year, and the number of catastrophes and disasters just keep piling up.

More people have died of COVID under Biden than Trump. Inflation is at a four-decade high and consumer prices are skyrocketing. And no amount of fawning press coverage is going to alter that reality.