White House Accuses GOP Of Trying To Defund Police

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Once again, the White House is attempting to portray Republicans as the ones who are soft on crime and refuse to fund the police.

Because it worked so well the last time they tried it.

In a recent interview, deputy press secretary Andrew Bates told Fox News that the White House plans to go on the offensive against Congressional Republicans for their opposition to the so-called “Assault Weapons” ban, claiming that the American people “know” the “assault weapons” ban is “key to taking on the rise in violent crime.”

What a hack.

The rise in violent crime is not being fueled by law-abiding citizens purchasing semi-automatic rifles. That’s simply nonsense.

But rising crime is of great concern to voters ahead of the November elections, and Democrats don’t have the best track record. In that respect, it isn’t at all shocking that a shameless hack like Andrew Bates would think voters will blame Republicans for violent crime in Democrat-run cities just on his say-so.

Bates told Fox News that Republicans care more about protecting the profits of gun manufacturers than they do “preventing law enforcement from being outgunned.”

He also claimed that President Biden “inherited” the rise in violent crime because of course he did.

Biden always takes credit for things he didn’t do while assigning blame for his failed policies on someone else.

Bates then brought up that old chestnut that Republicans voted against “critical funding” to “stop the police layoffs happening all over the country.”

How completely disingenuous.

The “critical funding” was a teeny tiny part of the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan that fueled our current 40-year-high inflation and sent consumer prices through the roof. Republicans were absolutely right to oppose that massive, economy-killing boondoggle.

But this is how Democrats work. They always slip into massive omnibus spending bills a wee bit of funding for something Republicans would ordinarily support. Then when Republicans vote against the massive spending bill, Democrats point to the wee bit of spending and say, “See?! It’s the Republicans who don’t support funding for the police!”

Fortunately, most voters aren’t nearly as stupid as Andrew Bates thinks they are.