Whistleblower Claims ‘Non-Human’ Remains Recovered From UFOs

A former Air Force intelligence officer claims the United States is concealing a program that recovers and analyzes UFOs. On Wednesday, the officer discussed this with lawmakers in Washington. The Defense Department has denied his allegations.

UAPs, or unidentified aerial phenomena, are the official names the United States government uses in place of UFOs—retired Maj. David Grusch’s testimony before a House Oversight subcommittee was Congress’ newest study into UAPs. Alien and UFO speculation is common while investigating unexplained aircraft or objects. Recent years, however, have seen Democrats and Republicans alike call for further study in this area. Concerns that the claimed sightings by pilots may be linked to U.S. foes have led many to label this a threat to national security.

In 2019, Grusch said, the chairman of a government task force on UAPs ordered him to catalog all top-secret projects related to the group’s mandate. Grusch was assigned to the National Reconnaissance Office, which oversees the United States spy satellite network.

Grusch said that a multi-decade UAP crash recovery and reverse engineering initiative, to which he was refused access, was brought to his attention in the course of my official responsibilities, he stated. Grusch said that the United States had known about extraterrestrial activities since at least the 1930s.

The Pentagon has refuted claims of a coverup by Grusch. A Department of Defense spokesperson said there is no evidence to corroborate assertions of any previous or present activities involving the ownership or reverse-engineering of alien elements. The declaration did not mention UFOs not believed to come from another world.

After making his finding, Grusch says he became a government whistleblower and has since been subject to retribution. He mentioned an ongoing inquiry but declined to elaborate on the punitive measures.

He felt the attacks on his business and personal life were cruel and regrettable.

Legislators have criticized the Pentagon for not providing more information or publicly releasable photographs during a secret briefing. At earlier sessions, Pentagon officials showed footage of a balloon-like form recorded from an F-18 combat jet.

After resuming their investigation into UFOs, Pentagon authorities said in December that they had received hundreds of fresh sightings.

According to Ronald Moultrie, the undersecretary of defense for intelligence and security, at that time, there was no evidence to suggest that any of the objects that had been seen were created by aliens. Any unapproved technology in our airspace is a significant security risk.