Where Iran’s “Suicide Drones” Are Actually Located 

(FreedomBeacon.com)- According to 19fortyfive.com, the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense investigated and found that Ukraine has not been attacked with any drones manufactured in Iran since the middle of February.  

Since the invasion of Ukraine, Russian forces have rapidly depleted their inventory of ordnances raising the likelihood that Russia’s formerly productive fleet of deadly drones may now be experiencing a similar scarcity. 

The report from the Defense Ministry indicated that Ukrainian Troops successfully destroyed two dozen Iranian-made Shahed-137 UAVs last month.  

Reports show that Western intelligence and Ukraine have verified sales of several Iranian-made drones to Russian forces, as well as their transport, training, and usage.  

The video portraying a Russian delegation’s visit to Iran’s principal drone airport was made public by the White House. 

The satellite imagery showed the group and Iranians meeting, during which they looked at a series of Shahed UAVs. Within a month, authorities from the United States revealed that the Russian Armed Forces had begun training to operate these drones. 

Last November, a report showed that after weeks of criticism from Western nations, Iranian officials finally confessed that their country had supplied Russia with drones. 

Iran has been under scrutiny due to the abundance of drones built in Iran appearing over battlefields in Ukraine.  

Reports show that because of the criticism directed their way, the Iranian authorities have emphasized that the UAVs were being supplied to Russia before Moscow’s military invasion of Ukraine. 

In a statement that was released by Iran’s state-run media, Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), the Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian indicated that Iran had provided Russia with a restricted number of drones in the months leading up to the conflict in Ukraine. Iran has claimed the drones were never sold to be used for military reasons on Ukrainian land and that this was never their intention.