What Happens If Putin Uses Chemical Weapons?

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Russian President Vladimir Putin is losing the war in Ukraine, or so it seems, according to reports by defense and national security website 19FortyFive. In one report, the painting is looking grim for the Russian power, who has symbolically lost nearly all of his chess pieces and is left with some pawns and a knight to try to maneuver an increasingly better positioned Ukraine.

Russia appears to be running out of options as Putin has tried firing generals, attacking civilians, deploying tanks and aircraft—all of which has strengthened Ukrainian resolve and has been met with fierce opposition. Russian troops are reportedly on the run, leaving behind swaths of equipment like tanks, artillery, and armored personnel carriers.

What is Putin considering next? Some of wondering whether it will involve chemical agents, as it wouldn’t be Russia’s first time. The chemical attack is possible, but leaves Russia to think about potential blowback as the agents might adversely affect Russian troops, pro-Russian separatists, and Russian citizens as the chemicals blow back over the border.

Some are even wondering whether Russia would order a nuclear attack in the guise of a battlefield nuclear weapon, but the drawbacks are essentially the same. Russia also faces the fact that using such weapons would ostracize the country even more from the rest of the Western world that is consistently funding Ukraine’s defense against the Russians.

Russia’s “special military operation” in Ukraine is really and always has been a “special military operation” against the rest of the world as the odds are stacked against the feeble regime. Even if chemical weapons were used in Ukraine, this would still not trigger Article V of the NATO pact, since Ukraine is not a member of the alliance, but it can loosen restrictions placed on what can travel into Ukraine.

Ukraine would enjoy the fruits of main battle tanks, like the German Leopard, and fighter jets, such as the American F-16. NATO could also deploy military equipment and personnel around the border to brace for any Russian attack.

Likely options for Russia would include a false flag operation that stages Ukraine for using chemical weapons and then justifying Russia’s own use. Another option would be for Russia to conduct a nuclear test as a way to show the West and its allies that it is not scared of retaliation. This would likely cause the U.S. and NATO to call a cease fire as they assess the situation, which would also give Russia time to restore supply lines and re-deploy troops.

Nevertheless, as the report suggests, Putin is not likely to use weapons of mass destruction. He has shown restraint by keeping food exports open and not causing a global food crisis which potentially shows that he wants to keep the war between Russia and Ukraine, and not take the risk of escalating tensions around the world.