Weather Forcast For The U.S. As Storms Approach

There is a chance of further floods around the nation, but nothing is certain.

The National Weather Service predicts that on Thursday, the southern section of Vermont and a portion of upstate New York will be at moderate risk of getting excessive rain capable of generating flash floods.

Light rain was possible on Thursday morning, but thunderstorms were possible later in the day. These storms may bring rainfall rates of over two inches per hour. Some areas might see as much as five inches of snow quite quickly.

This weekend, more rain and potential flooding are in store for the United States in the aftermath of record rainfall and historic flooding in the Northeast.  

The Midwest, the Plains, and the Mississippi Valley should all anticipate severe to intense thunderstorms during the next few days. 

This comes as the deadly heat wave sweeping the South for several weeks continues to make its way over the area. 

The southwest United States is forecast to see record-breaking, century-plus temperatures until mid-next week.

Forecasters at the Weather Prediction Center warned Thursday morning that extra heavy rains would quickly raise the potential of flash floods due to the catastrophic rainfall and flooding earlier this week. 

Authorities are worried about the implications of more precipitation that falls on top of the already saturated terrain, even if this rain may not be as intense as the precipitation that poured earlier in the week.

Experts say that Vermont and the rest of New England are still vulnerable to flooding while they recover from last week’s floods, which were triggered by seven-day precipitation totals that were 300 to 600 percent over average.

Hail, high winds, and even tornadoes are all possible outcomes of Thursday’s thunderstorms. 

 Friday and Saturday might be scattered showers and thunderstorms, with another wave of heavier precipitation possible on Sunday. There may be a probability of rain and thunderstorms during the following week.