Water Brand Claiming to be ‘Anti-Woke’ Releases Ad 

It seems that politics is now part of every single aspect of American life. From sports, television shows, music, and even food and beverage brands and marketing, it is nearly impossible to escape the hyper-tribalized political arena. America’s hyper-capitalist economic system naturally is adjusting to these ultra-politicized times. At a youth conservative convention ran by the organization Turning Point USA conservative media celebrity named Alex Clark promoted disposable water bottles labeled “Freedom20”. Thousands of conservative activists attended the convention, and the former President Donald Trump was also in attendance. A 12-pack of water is sold for $21 in 16.9 ounce sizes. Generally speaking, a 24 pack at the grocery store of 16.9 ounce bottles usually goes for around three to four dollars per pack, a seriously cheaper alternative. While people are more likely than ever to express themselves politically by speaking with their wallets, it is increasingly unlikely that people in today’s climate, with many Americans facing significant financial difficulties in the face of inflation and other fiscal hardships would be willing to spend an exorbitant price of some 21 U.S. dollars for something like water, no matter how trendy the packaging. 

Conservatives continue to boycott companies that have been deemed “woke”. The corporation Target faced significant financial declines in sales last year after going all in on “pride” month in the month of June 2023. The company reported sales declines after featuring controversial articles of clothing designed for children and toddlers which promoted LGBTQ ideologies and displayed rainbow-themed designs. In this year, Target has decided to tone down its messaging and an article promoted by the Washington Post claimed the company would be promoting its “pride” clothing in markedly fewer stores than before. 

Anheuser-Busch, the beer conglomerate that owns the popular American brand Budweiser, also faced backlash after featuring a transgender activist on advertisements for “pride” month. Estimates alleged that the company lost possibly one billion dollars in sales.