Watchdog Sues Government For Calling Parents “Domestic Terrorists”

( Protect the Public’s Trust, a federal watchdog group, announced on Friday that it had filed lawsuits against the Department of Education and the Department of Homeland Security over a letter from the National School Board Association that compared parents at school board meetings to “domestic terrorists.”

The disgraceful letter, which was disavowed by several state-level school boards, criticized parents who were vocal in their opposition to the teaching of Critical Race Theory in schools and attempted to paint them as violent terrorists who were putting teachers and school officials at risk.

Mike Chamberlain, the director of the watchdog, sent a statement to Fox News via email saying that the story keeps getting “curiouser and curiouser.”

He said that there is evidence that Bidens’ Education Secretary could have been involved in soliciting the letter and that it’s now long past time for all federal agencies to come clean and release all records relevant to the letter.

“However, absent this litigation they don’t appear willing to do so,” he added.

Chamberlain knows how this works, having served in the Department of Education during the Trump administration. If anyone knows how government works – and how government covers up controversy – it’s someone who’s worked in it.

Attorneys argued in the suit against the Department of Homeland Security that the department is bound by statutory deadlines within the Freedom of Information Act to deliver the information requested of them, and that they cannot shuffle records and requests across different areas of the agency to avoid delivering within the requested timeframe.

In a separate but related suit against the Department of Education, attorneys argue that requests from the watchdog have been “pending for more than 100 days,” which is substantially beyond the statutory period for federal agencies to deliver the information requested.

Both suits argue that the federal government is in breach of the Freedom of Information Act and that the records should be released immediately.

What is the Biden administration trying to hide?