WATCH: Bill Maher Blasts China as ‘Sh*t-Hole Superpower,’ Rips Olympian Eileen Gu for Joining Their Team

( Bill Maher, the moderate liberal TV host who Democrats are really starting to hate, used his Real Time with Bill Maher show on HBO to slam China last week, calling the communist dictatorship a “sh*t-hole superpower.”

Maher criticized gold medalist Eileen Gu and a number of other Olympic athletes for either ignoring or even giving excuses for the human rights abuses taking place in China. His comments came as the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing come to an end.

Gu chose to represent China in the Olympic Games this year despite the fact that she was born and raised in the United States, and China literally operates concentration camps that punish, brutalize, rape, and torture ethnic minorities.

“Someone has to tell China you can steal our trade secrets, our software, and our intellectual property, but we draw the line at our hot freestyle skiers. Now, if you’ve been like me over the past few weeks glued to your TV, watching the Olympics, that makes exactly two of us who,” Maher said.

He added that the world already knew there were “sh*thole countries” but that it’s surprising to see there’s a “sh*thole superpower.”

On Gu, he said that the Olympic skier chose to “represent a totalitarian police state over America.”

He also slammed the entire event, which went ahead even with a diplomatic boycott from the United States and most major Western nations, and said that the games “pretends to only be about sports.” Maher argued that the Olympic Games have effectively become a proxy war, and Gu’s decision to choose team China makes her a living symbol of how China is triumphing over liberal democracies in the West.

Is it just us, or does Bill Maher sound tougher on China than the Democrats?

Watch Maher excoriating China here.