Wallace Leaves Fox Only To Realize Nobody Wanted Him There

(FreedomBeacon.com)- For a lot of Fox News viewers, Chris Wallace’s decision to leave Fox News for low-rated CNN prompted laughter and delight. And Nicholas Reimann of Forbes is beside himself that conservatives found are celebrating Wallace’s departure.

Reimann examined trends on Facebook and discovered that two of the four most liked and shared links last week were from conservative Ben Shapiro who shared links from the Daily Wire article on Wallace leaving Fox.

The Daily Wire article had in its title: “Good Riddance to this Fraud,” which Reimann found particularly upsetting. He noted in his article that Shapiro’s post was shared over ten thousand times and had more than 270,000 likes.

Yes, and?

Is Reimann shocked that people who follow Ben Shapiro on Facebook would respond favorably to a post that Ben Shapiro would share? Shapiro consistently enjoys some of the highest engagement on the social media platform. It stands to reason that his posts about Chris Wallace would be widely liked and shared.

Wallace was the moderator who went out of his way to protect Joe Biden during the first presidential debate. Rather than “moderate,” Wallace actively argued and interrupted Donald Trump while running interference for Biden. In short, he kept his thumb on the scale, and that infuriated conservatives.

Why Forbes thought it newsworthy that conservatives would revel in Wallace’s departure, is anybody’s guess.

Conservatives make up the bulk of those who follow Shapiro. And conservatives have never particularly liked Chris Wallace. So it isn’t surprising that the news of Wallace leaving the number one cable news network for the ratings disaster network’s new streaming service prompted laughter and mockery from conservatives.

Can you blame them for enjoying a little Schadenfreude now that Chris Wallace is gone?

But Reimann’s true purpose in writing this article at Forbes wasn’t to point out the obvious. It was to once again present Fox News as a phony news channel bending over backward to appeal to “conspiracy theorist” Trump supporters.

He closes his article first by noting how respected Chris Wallace is by his fellow journalists. Then he mentions the NPR article from last month that cited an anonymous source who claimed Wallace was not happy that Fox News allowed Tucker Carlson to broadcast his 3-part documentary “Patriot Purge” on Fox Nation, which Reimann claims “spread conspiracy theories” about January 6.