Voters With “No Record” Far Outweigh Donald Trump’s “Losing” Number In Arizona

( While the corporate news media struggles to explain away what was found in the Maricopa election audit, some revelations are just too explosive to ignore.

A draft of the audit report leaked to the press last week, but they have been highly selective in what they are reporting. And with good reason. The American corporate media has spent the last ten months claiming that Joe Biden won fair and square, and any talk of election fraud is “The Big Lie” peddled only by conspiracy theorists.

Honest coverage of what the leaked report showed would prove that the only Big Lie here is the one peddled by the corporate news media.

While the audit did confirm that a hand-count of all the original ballots did wide Joe Biden’s margin by several hundred votes, what the press is hiding is what those original ballots revealed:

• Over 23,000 mail-in ballots were cast by people who should not have received their ballot by mail because they had moved.
• Over 10,000 votes were from people who voted in more than one county.
• Over 17,000 original ballots were duplicates
• More mail-in ballots were returned and counted than were originally mailed out to registered voters. How many more? 9,000.
• Thousands of official results did not match those who voted.
• Thousands of people who voted in person under the names of people who had already moved out of the state.

And that’s just some of what the auditors found.

But the only thing the corporate news media is focusing on is the overall count increased Joe Biden’s lead. Funny how they leave out the fact that tens of thousands of those ballots are questionable.

But of course they leave that out.

Joe Biden “won” Arizona by a little over ten thousand votes. The audit likely shows that Biden’s “lead” is a lie.

Now, the Arizona Senate didn’t authorize this audit of Maricopa County to “overturn” the election results. They’ve been clear about that from the start. Instead, the purpose of the audit, as Senate President Karen Fann repeatedly explained, is to prevent future election fraud that clearly was rampant in Maricopa County.

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich last week said that this audit has raised some “serious questions,” and he assured the public that he would thoroughly review the report, stating that he would take “all necessary actions” supported by the evidence and where he has “legal authority.”