Video Shows Feds Leaving After Arresting Pro-Lifers

( to a video his wife took armed FBI agents in unmarked vehicles and detained a pro-life activist at his house on Wednesday while his wife appealed for explanations about the arrest.

Paul Vaughn is one of 11 people being prosecuted under the FACE Act for allegedly obstructing the entry of an abortion clinic in March of 2021. If convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of 11 years in jail and a fine of $350,000. The other defendants face the same potential penalties. His prosecution is part of a larger effort by the FBI to clamp down on pro-life advocates. However, the FBI has made very little headway in its efforts to stop firebombings and other assaults on pro-life organizations.

The video shows four law enforcement officers pacing in front of Vaughn’s home while armed and wearing vests. Vaughn cannot be seen in the video because the door to the rear seat is closed by another cop after one of the officers tosses a jacket to Vaughn, who is seated there.

According to statements made by Gualberto Garcia Jones, an attorney for the Personhood Alliance, “there was no attempt to bring him in voluntarily.”

Around seven in the morning, the FBI arrived unexpectedly. They were pounding on the door at such a volume that it caused the whole house to shake. After the shock of the thunderous pounding, he came out. He was on his way to take seven of his children to school at the time of the raid. Two FBI agents were armed with long guns, while the others were armed with sidearms. All four of the FBI agents had their firearms drawn. They had been quite hostile until his wife began recording, at which point a sudden shift in their manner occurred.

According to the footage, Vaughn’s wife implores the cops to let her know what is going on, but they ignored her pleas.

During the video, a woman can be heard saying, “I want to know why you were knocking on my door with a pistol.” “Are you not going to share anything with me?”

This raid was a part of an FBI investigation into a March 2021 protest in Nashville, Tennessee. The event involved pro-life activists sitting in a corridor outside an abortion clinic, singing and praying. If found in violation of the FACE Act, protesters could face up to ten years in jail and a $250,000 fine.