Very Serious Allegations Against A Former Clinton Lawyer

( In the ongoing defamation suit against former Clinton lawyer Lanny Davis and billionaire Silvio Scaglia, attorneys for Scaglia’s ex-wife Julia Haart accused Davis of being a “reckless publicist and notorious sleaze-merchant.”

In a recent court filing, Haart’s attorneys claimed Silvio Scaglia, who is described as “a profligate schemer and liar,” smeared Haart in the tabloids.

In response, Scaglia’s lawyers went to the tabloids, telling the UK Daily Mail that Julia Haart is a “con artist” and described her lawsuit as a “publicity stunt” from a “desperate and sad litigant.”

Pro tip: If you want to debunk a claim that you smear someone in the tabloids, maybe don’t go to the tabloids to smear her.

The mud-slinging appeared in a motion filed in New York last week. Julia Haart accused her ex-husband of being behind a “malicious campaign” to portray her as a “seductress” who squandered money and assets from the former couple’s Elite World Group modeling agency.

Haart claimed that Scaglia, along with former Clinton lawyer Lanny Davis, came up with a story about Haart paying a friend to introduce her to a Swiss billionaire in 2015 so she could seduce him and that she used money from Elite World Group to finance her plastic surgery.

Haart said the claims against her were a lie, arguing instead that she was the one who saved Elite from financial ruin and turned it into a billion-dollar success while her ex-husband was the one using company assets for personal expenses.

The 51-year-old Haart left the Orthodox Jewish community ten years ago to become a fashion designer. She married Scaglia in 2019.

Throughout their legal battle, Haart claimed Scaglia had promised to evenly divide the shares in Elite World Group, which he founded in 2011. However, Scaglia said Haart is mischaracterizing the agreement, arguing that it never went through. According to Scaglia, Haart owns less than 0.01 percent of Elite World Group.