Utah Joins Other States In Offering Health Insurance To Illegals

It is no secret that the state of affairs in the United States are not good. While the middle class of the nation has been struggling for decades, the last three years of the presidency of Joe Biden have sped up the decline of the working people of the United States and made it clear for all to see that America is in trouble as a nation. Rampant inflation brought about by reckless government spending approved by Biden has further crushed working people, and the cost of living has truly skyrocketed as basic necessities like groceries and toiletries spiral in cost. What’s worse; home prices have risen to such heights that many Americans making near the median national income of some seventy thousand a year simply cannot afford to own a home.

As American citizens struggle to make ends meet, and the country plunges further and further into debt, the borders remain wide open. Indeed, it appears that Biden, congressional Democrats, and the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas have been unable to address the problem of thousands of foreign migrants entering the country. In just three years, millions of migrants have entered the nation, and tens of thousands continue to enter on a daily basis. Many have been bussed to major Democratic cities by Republican governors at the southern border who are protesting these policies.

While it is often thought that only progressively governed “blue” states like California, New York, and Illinois institute controversial policies that embolden illegals to migrate into their borders and commit more criminal offenses while benefitting from the taxpayer funded assistance system, it appears that even “Republican” or red states may be working to assist foreigners at the expense of their own people. In Utah, the state government recently passed a law that guarantees healthcare benefits to the children of illegal immigrants at taxpayers’ expenses. Americans pay taxes without receiving direct benefits.