USPS Caught Cheating Workers Out Of Pay

( According to a report by One America Newsv, U.S. Postal Service supervisors are coming under fire yet again over allegations that mail carriers are being underpaid. An investigation by the Center for Public Integrity suggested that workers have been denied as much as $600,000 combined in overtime pay, and supervisors have not been punished to date.

According to the investigation, hundreds of postal service managers across the country changed workers’ time cards without any blowback.

If the investigation’s findings are accurate, then it’s just another example of what happens when you leave the government in charge of an industry that is more effectively run by the private sector.

The investigation revealed the managers would repeatedly claim that denying this money to workers was part of an effort to keep costs down during a period of budget cuts and staff shortages.

Staff shortages? Could that be anything to do with the Democrats’ insistence on keeping unemployment benefits artificially high for every person who wants to stay at home during the remainder of the COVID-19 pandemic? Surely not.

Employees claimed that they were not told that their time card hours were changed by managers, meaning that they were effectively robbed of wages that they rightfully earned. Furthermore, managers were reportedly told to stop editing time cards and have not abided by those demands from their superiors.

The report uses private arbitration records to discover part of this story, but also found that at least 250 Postal Service managers between 2010 and 2019 across 60 different post officers were caught changing time cards.

It’s a problem so prevalent that since 2005, the Postal Service has been cited by the federal government over 1,150 times for not paying employees the correct sum.

You can find the full report here.