US Sanctions Six Foreign Officials For Mass Arrests In Hong Kong

(FreedomBeacon)- Even in his final week as President, Donald Trump is taking decisive action to ensure the United States remains a figure of freedom and liberty on the world stage.

On January 15, the United States implemented sanctions on six Hong Kong and Chinese officials in response to a huge number of arrests of pro-democracy campaigners in Hong Kong that took place last week.

Some 53 pro-democracy campaigners and politicians were arrested in Hong Kong late this week, charged with “subversion” under National Security Law. Last summer, the Beijing government imposed Chinese law over Hong Kong, meaning the city-state is now effectively under full control of China and pro-democracy activists face arrest and prosecution for opposing the Chinese regime.

Most of the activists who were arrested had reportedly taken part in an unofficial primary election for a legislative race that had been postponed. An American attorney was among those who were arrested.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo criticized the decision by the Chinese authorities in no uncertain terms, calling it an “appalling crackdown” in a statement. He said that the many arrests were “yet another stark example of Hong Kong’s freedoms and democratic processes being fundamentally undermined by the People’s Republic of China.”

It makes you wonder why left-wing former British Prime Minister Tony Blair even agreed to hand over Hong Kong back to the Chinese in the first place…

Pompeo called on the Communist Chinese regime and authorities in Hong Kong to “immediately release” everybody who was arrested under the new laws and completely dismiss the ludicrous charges made against them.

And, even with just days left to go, Secretary Pompeo said that the United States will “continue to use all tools at our disposal to hold those responsible to account.”

The only question is whether Beijing Biden, once inaugurated, will follow through on that promise. The world has already seen how the Obama-Biden administration capitulated to China, and so far it looks like Biden is planning on continuing that legacy.

The sanctions from the United States were placed on police officials, and two Chinese officials. It follows 29 other sanctions placed on Hong Kong and Chinese officials last year over their roles in undermining the freedoms of Hong Kong when the National Security Law was implemented.