US Plans Show Of Strength To Intimidate Putin

The US Air Force is testing a rocket capable of a staggering 15,000mph. It will blast across the Pacific to try and humble a desperate Vladimir Putin.

The Air Force released images of AGM-183 Air-launched rapid response weapon (ARRW), a menacing missile, which sparked rumors about the new high-tech weapons. China is currently the only country known to possess an ARRW. The latest US development, however, has caused Russia to scramble to acquire one.

Photos show the weapon that can hit targets within 1,000 miles being carried underneath the wing of a B52H bomber at a famous US Air Force Base in Guam. The Pacific Island has become a key location for new weapon tests in recent years.

Even though rumors about the weapons being tested are just rumors, the authorities officially explained that the images were released to “show and inform” people about training at base camp.

The Air Force stated that the images of a live AGM-183 on February 27 were taken as part of “hypersonic weapons familiarization training.” A distinct set of yellow rings can be seen on the front and back of the missile to identify it as a warhead.

The serial number is AR-AUR005. Nonetheless, it has been reported that the US could expand its armament to include eight additional weapons shortly. The US disclosed that crews from the B-52 Stratofortress of the 23rd Expeditionary Bomb Squadron and the 49th Test & Evaluation Squadron took part in training sessions to understand hypersonic weapons. These sessions took place on February 27 at Anderson Air Base.

The crews discussed the basics of hypersonics, operational and logistical considerations, and tactical in-depth discussions. The appearance of the missile raised many eyebrows. After several failed attempts to build it correctly, the US Air Force discontinued its ARRW (Airborne Radar Warning) program almost a year before. Due to the failures, the military has seemingly given up on these ambitious weapons.

Andrew Hunter, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force, Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics, stated in 2023, “The Air Force currently does not intend to pursue further procurement of ARRW after the prototyping program concludes.” Many have questioned why missiles are now back on Guam.

Some people believe that the return of missiles is a sign of success, despite speculation about whether they will be tested formally. According to sources, it is highly unusual for AMGs in Guam to be brought there as part of a training program. Many have speculated that the high price of the weapons being transported across the US is a sign they will be tested soon.