US Claims Iran Behind Attacks On American Troops

The US warned that an emerging band of militias backed by Iran has been attacking U.S. troops in Iraq and Syria.

Before now, no one had heard of a terrorist organization billing itself “the Islamic Resistance in Iraq.” They say they attack U.S. forces in Iraq and Syria every day with rockets and drones.
A spokesman for U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) said that the Islamic Resistance in Iraq is not a separate group but rather is a broader term used to refer to the operations of all Iran-financed militias in Iraq, including the latest round of strikes into Syria and Iraq and during the present war between Israel and Hamas.

Two locations in eastern Syria utilized by Iran’s IRGC and allied forces were the target of what Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin called “self-defense attacks” last week. He promised that if these assaults persisted, the United States military would do all it took to defend the American people.

Reports show Iran-backed Shiite militia groups in Iraq launched explosive-laden drones against U.S. and coalition outposts in Syria and Iraq, including one near Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan’s capital, on Tuesday.

The Kurdish Directorate-General of Counter-Terrorism (CTD) claimed that three explosive-laden drones struck a military installation of the international coalition against the Islamic State on two distinct occasions. Two drones had been destroyed midair, while a third fell without exploding, according to CTD.

The IRI claimed six drone assaults against four U.S. facilities in Iraq and Syria.

IRI targets included a post near Erbil International Airport, al-Tanf and Tel Baydar in north Syria, and Ain al-Asad Airport in Anbar province. Iran often targets it via proxy assaults. The IRI claimed three drone assaults on Ain al-Asad.

Iran, the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism, will chair the U.N. Human Rights Council Social Forum a month after Hamas committed great crimes against Israeli citizens.

UN Watch reported in May that Iran will be presiding over the United Nations Conference on Human Rights as its rotating chairman. Backward Iranian theocracy murdered two individuals for the “crime” of criticizing Islam’s human rights deficiencies on social media only two days before being granted the chairmanship.