US Asks UN Security Council to Meet Thursday on North Korea

( As North Korea continues its weapons test, launching several missiles within the last month alone, the United States has requested that the United Nations Security Council meet this week to discuss North Korea and the threat the communist country may pose.

On Monday, North Korea confirmed that a Hwasong-12 ballistic missile was launched from a test site. It indicates that North Korea could be preparing to test long-range ballistic missiles that could reach Europe and the United States – a technological advancement that would make it even harder to negotiate with North Korea.

The launch was first reported on Sunday by Japanese and South Korean authorities. It was the seventh to take place in one month, and it was the first time that a missile capable of carrying a nuclear weapon was launched in North Korea since 2017 before President Donald Trump engaged in historic peace talks with the country.

The United Nations meeting took place on Thursday behind closed doors.

Fahran Haq, a deputy spokesman for the United Nations, said that the launch was a “clear violation of Security Council resolution” and that it is of great concern that North Korea “has again disregarded any consideration for international flight or maritime safety.”

Are they really expecting Kim Jong Un, a man who tortures his own people and has many of them convinced he is a literal God, to act in good faith…or within the confines of Security Council resolutions?

North Korea has been subject to various United Nations sanctions since 2006 – none of which have been lifted since. The country is experiencing its worst food shortage in years, but with a recently re-signed friendship treaty with the Chinese Communist Party, North Korea knows it has allies that hate America just as much as they do right across the border.