University Asks Students To Wear Mask Between Bites

( Over five months ago, the city of Columbus, Ohio passed an ordinance requiring both vaccinated and unvaccinated people to wear masks indoors. That ordinance remains in place to this day.

On Thursday, state health officials reported COVID hospitalizations have steadily decreased over the last month. But still, Columbus will not drop its mask mandate, arguing the city is still in the CDC’s “red” category for high community transmission.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Ohio State University in Columbus is requiring students to continue wearing masks. But unlike most places that require masking, people are allowed to take their masks off when they are eating.

But not at Ohio State.

A recent tweet from the account “Libs of Tik Tok” featured a flyer from Ohio State reminding people that while eating, they must keep their masks on “between bites and sips.” This absurd requirement to only lift the mask to take a bite of food or sip of a drink applies to anyone “dining on campus.”

And like many public schools, Ohio State also forced students to eat outside if dining areas reached their COVID-restricted capacity.

According to the local NBC outlet in Columbus, the never-ending mask mandate is beginning to cause “mask fatigue” among residents in Franklin County.

City officials, however, while claiming to “understand” residents’ frustrations, continue to claim that the mask mandate is in place to keep residents “as safe as possible.”

But the city of Columbus is using total case numbers, not total hospitalizations to determine whether or not lifting the mask mandate is “safe.” According to NBC4 in Columbus, the city’s public health department wants a COVID-positive rate of between 5 and 7 percent before lifting the mandate, and right now, the “positivity” rate is 14 percent.

It doesn’t matter if those who test positive are experiencing little or no symptoms. Columbus, Ohio is going to keep people behind masks.