Understanding Conservative Values

Understanding Conservative Values

(FreedomBeacon.com) – One of the tech age downsides is that it’s hard to cut through the noise sometimes. Social media can be problematic, especially when it comes to figuring out which political ideology best suits you. For example, Conservatives are often painted negatively, when their core values are anything but that.

What exactly are those values, though?


The most important tenet of conservatism is family values. They firmly believe in the importance of family and setting good examples for their children.

Conservatives thread this into all of their beliefs. For instance, the Right is pro-Second Amendment, in part, because they believe in the right to protect the ones they love.


The vast majority of Conservatives value their faith just as much as they value their family. Devotion to their religion is the driving force behind many of their decisions.

So, it’s not a surprise that Conservatives are committed to ending abortion. They firmly believe life starts at conception, and every child has a right to live a full and healthy life.

Pro-Personal Responsibility

Conservatives also believe in the idea of personal responsibility. In the US, every person has an opportunity to live the American Dream if they put in the effort. However, to achieve their goals, everyone has to accept responsibility for their actions, good and bad.


The Republican Party is staunchly pro-business. Many of the policies they pass are with this in mind. They want businesses to grow and help Americans achieve the dream of prosperity. Supporting companies by limiting red tape and getting rid of regulations helps the whole country prosper.


Finally, Conservatives are a patriotic bunch that believes in a strong national defense. The way to maintain the safety of the country is by respecting and supporting the US military. Happy, healthy, and safe service members lead to a happy, healthy, and safe country.

Moving the Country Forward

These values, plus others like their support of law enforcement and desire to see children adequately educated, help move the country toward a better future for all Americans. Isn’t that everyone’s goal?

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