“Uncle Clarence” is Trending On Twitter As Big Tech Refuses To Take Down Racist Attack Against Conservatives

(FreedomBeacon.com)- As pro-abortion leftists attacked conservative Supreme Court justices in the aftermath of the Roe decision, “Uncle Clarence” became a trending topic on Twitter over the weekend. Justice Clarence Thomas, a black man, was the target of unique rage and racist abuse.

Following the Supreme Court’s historic decision on Friday to reverse the 1972 Roe v. Wade verdict and return authority over abortion to the states, pro-abortion radicals started threatening Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas with death and attacking him based on his race. Although Twitter frequently bans conservatives and accuses them of spewing violent hate speech, the pro-abortion left appeared to have received direct assistance from the large internet platform when it listed the term “Uncle Clarence,” a variation on the racist insult Uncle Tom, as one of its trending topics.

The corporate media has praised actor Samuel L. Jackson for an “Uncle Clarence” tweet of his own, which helped propel the epithet into Twitter’s top trends. Jackson is a regular supporter of far-left causes. Jackson criticized Justice Thomas in the tweet for being married to a white woman and compared the overturning of Roe to the outlawing of interracial unions. In the wake of Jackson’s tweet, that talking point has been adopted by the media and pro-abortion left, with Whoopie Goldberg echoing the idea in a publicly broadcast rage against Thomas on Monday’s edition of “The View.”

As “Uncle Clarence” became one of the most trending topics on Twitter, some pro-abortion users went as far as to threaten Justice Thomas’ life by calling him a “n*gger” and arguing that Thomas poses a “national security concern and should be addressed as such.”

In the wake of the Roe decision and other recent Supreme Court decisions, mainstream Democrats have focused on Justice Thomas and called for his impeachment and removal from the bench, joining far-left Twitter users in this call. Since Justice Thomas’s nomination to the court in 1991, when then-Delaware Senator Joe Biden led what Thomas called a “high-tech lynching” to block his Senate Confirmation Hearing, left-wing attacks on the justice have been relentless.