UN Investigators Urges US to Probe Attacks in Syria

(FreedomBeacon.com)- United Nations war crimes investigators have urged the United States government to initiate a thorough investigation into civilian casualties in Syria caused by air raids authorized by President Joe Biden. The UN called on the US to conduct the investigations to ensure that anybody responsible for violations in targeting civilians is held accountable.

Joe Biden must be worried right now…

On Wednesday, the UN Commission of Inquiry called on the United States and other parties involved with the strikes, which occurred last year, to “conduct credible, independent and impartial investigations into incidents entailing civilian casualties in which their forces are implicated.”

The panel insisted that Washington hold everyone responsible for the attack accountable, and to release their findings to the public once the investigation is over.

It comes after United States Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin also called for an investigation into separate air strikes that occurred in 2019, in the town of Baghuz. It also caused some civilian casualties, according to the Pentagon.

As well as an investigation into air strikes, the UN is also calling for the easing of Western sanctions against Syria, with the aim of improving the lives of regular Syrian citizens who are struggling with shortages in the supply of food and household goods, and struggling to cope with rapidly rising inflation.

Soon enough, the United States might not be much better off than those in Syria…