Ukrainian Men Allegedly Going Into Hiding to Avoid Being Drafted

The Ukrainian military is trying to restock its war-torn forces through a massive draft supported by new legislation as Russian forces persist in bombarding the country. Though some have attempted to avoid conscription, many men from Ukraine have responded to the call to serve. Hundreds of soldiers had already fled the nation in anticipation of the most recent mobilization drive; some had even swum across the river that separated Romania and Ukraine in an effort to evade military duty. Fearing that conscription would send them straight to the front lines; many have gone into hiding while police search the country’s cities for males of military age, which is presently 25 to 60 years old.

Twelve men who claim to be doing everything they can to evade conscription cited the fear of dying in a war defined by brutal trench warfare and catastrophic bombardment. The absence of adequate preparation for draftees was another reason many were against conscription. According to some military experts, the “meat grinder” scenario is exacerbated when Ukrainian forces aren’t well-prepared, which makes it hard for Kyiv to maintain its lines.

Many Ukrainian men have joined the military out of a sense of civic duty. Since a new mobilization law passed in April, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry said that 1.6 million men had updated or registered their details on a government website, the first step before a possible call-up. However, Ukraine’s draft has divided society, with many soldiers resenting those running from conscription, saying they weaken their country’s war effort.

Military leaders in Ukraine have been hesitant to call up reinforcements in significant numbers. After Ukraine’s counteroffensive failed, though, it became clear that additional forces were needed. As a result, the threat of being dragged off the streets and transported to conscription camps became more accurate.

Some individuals believe their government disregards the physical abilities and capabilities of its citizens, condemning them to an inevitable demise. Both the medical examination and the training are frequently cut short.

Soldiers in charge of recruiting are frequently combat veterans who encounter resistance from the general public. 

As Ukraine ramps up its mobilization efforts, they have increased border patrols to apprehend anyone attempting to escape the nation.