Ukraine Suspends Trans Spokesperson After Controversy

Since entering the oval office in January of 2021, President Joe Biden has appeared feckless, incompetent, and weak at every level of leadership. Indeed, during the 46th president’s tenure America has faced a plethora of economic, social, and global issues. In 2022, inflation brought about by the commander in chiefs exorbitant spending agenda reached levels not seen in decades, crushing the struggling American working class. In classrooms across the nation in several Democratic-run states, parents have battled with public servants, school boards, and other educational officials, opposing radical new curriculums implemented in public institutions and policies that seek to limit parental authority over their children. In August of 2021, Biden led the notoriously botched U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan in which 13 servicemembers died and millions of dollars in military equipment was abandoned, handed to the Taliban. Russia has invaded Ukraine, and China continues to threaten Taiwan. The world appears on the brink of a major war, and the days continue to grow dark in America.

On September 20th, the Ukrainian military announced it had suspended an American female spokesperson serving the nation. Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, a transgender female (who was a male), arrived in Ukraine in 2022, originally operating as a journalist. Eventually, this individual was driven to enlist in the nation’s military. After serving as a combat medic, she eventually transitioned into the role of an official spokesperson of the Territorial Defense Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces or the TDF/AFU.

It is believed that Ms. Ashton-Cirillo had engaged in discourse with J.D. Vance, a senator from Ohio while serving as a spokesperson in America. Cirillo had posted a video on social media in which she stated that anyone who spread Russian “propaganda” would be “hunted down”, in a threatening remark. Vance subsequently penned a letter to U.S. officials that inquired about Cirillo and whether or not she was being paid via funds allocated to Ukraine by the U.S..