Ukraine Sniper Reportedly Breaks Record For Recorded Kill

( The national security blog notes that even though Ukraine is in a conventional armor-infantry conflict with both sides entrenched in specific locations, sniper activity during the past few months of fighting hasn’t been discussed very much.

This will soon change if you can believe the Ukrainian military.

The Ukrainians are boasting about a sniper kill that could set a record for distance, referring to a shot that traveled nearly 1.7 miles to reach its intended destination.

Reports show that while media outlets could not independently confirm the incident, Ukraine recently posted a video to Telegram that appears to show an “occupier” walking through the woods. An apparent kill shot occurs when the target freezes, enters the scope’s crosshairs and collapses. A second shot incapacitated this combatant as a second Russian soldier went to assist the individual.

These shots were likely fired in a region of eastern Ukraine with abundant farmland separated by dense forests. notes that an anonymous Canadian marksman holds the record for the longest sniper action at 2,2 miles, set in 2017 with a shot from a distance of 2,2 miles. The Canadian sniper utilized a McMillan TAC-50C rifle equipped with .50 BMG ammunition.

If confirmed, the Ukrainian sniper would be in second place, and British sniper Craig Harrison would fall to third place in the world record standings. In 2009, Harrison fired in Afghanistan at a Taliban fighter from a distance of 1.5 miles.

According to Popular Mechanics’ Kyle Mizokami wrote that the shooter likely used a long and powerful Snipex Alligator manufactured in Ukraine. These firearms would have fired a 14.4mm projectile downrange.

This would make it a hefty .57 caliber, larger than the .50 caliber anti-material sniper rifles used in the West. The Alligator rifle measures 6.5 feet in length and weighs 50 pounds, living up to its name.  The Alligator is also an anti-material rifle capable of punching holes in the engine blocks of armored vehicles.

The shooter likely had a scope with a magnification of at least 20x, allowing him to make ultra-long-range elevation and windage adjustments.

According to 19fortyfive, the sniper may have recorded his exploits using a night vision sight. The video depicts that the shot lasted three seconds, implying that it would take that long for the bullet to travel the distance at 3,241 feet per second.

While the author does not believe that the Ukrainian special ops unit fabricated the video, they may have exaggerated the distance.  But if confirmed, it’s an impressive feat. As both sides prepare for winter, sniper activity is likely to increase.

The shot distance records are amazing. But still, the target is a human being.