Ukraine Has Built Up A Secret Army of 1,000,000 Troops To Fight Putin

( The Russian military has achieved some success in Donbas, but the Ukrainians are gathering an enormous force for a theater-wide counterattack.

In an exclusive interview with the London Times, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov stated the country is developing a one million-strong army to recover seized Ukrainian territory from Russian soldiers.

Reznikov said the Ukrainian government is concerned about the southeastern coast due to its economic importance.

Before the conflict, the Ukrainian military had 200,000 professionals and 300,000 reserves. The conflict has lasted over five months.

Here at 19FortyFive, we have extensively explored Russia’s army generation problems. Moscow isn’t the only combatant with a scarcity of qualified troops to dispatch to the frontlines and compensate for excessive casualties.

100 to 200 Ukrainian troops are killed daily, according to estimates. If we add 200 to 600 injured troops (historically, there are three wounded for every deceased soldier), Kyiv suffers 300 to 800 losses every day.

The Ukrainians must enroll and train additional personnel to meet the “one million army” goal. Here comes Britain.

Boris Johnson promised Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that the British military would train 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers every four months. We don’t know who the next British PM will be, but institutional continuity will likely continue Johnson’s work.
10,000 Ukrainians have landed in the UK for training. Over 1,000 British troops from the 11th Security Force Assistance Brigade oversee the initiative.

Defense Minister Ben Wallace stated that this new training program represents the next step of the UK’s help in the Ukrainian military’s battle against Russian aggression.
The training program attempts to turn green recruits with no military experience into combat-ready warriors. Basic soldiering, shooting, tactical first aid, fieldcraft, patrols, and armed conflict legislation are taught.

“Using the world-class experience of the British Army, we’ll assist Ukraine to rebuild its troops and to scale up its resistance,” the British defense minister said.

The British instructors procured AK rifles so the Ukrainian troops could practice with the weapon systems they would be employing on the frontlines. This was done to guarantee that the Ukrainian forces received proper training.