Ukraine Bill Has Automatic Impeachment Clause Inside

The US Senate, in a rare session that took place on Super Bowl Sunday, approved a massive $95 billion assistance package that would help Taiwan, Israel, and Ukraine, but it did not include any measures to secure the southern border.  Israel receives $14 billion, while Ukraine gets $60 billion.

The final count was 67-27, with 18 Republican senators lending their support.

27 Republicans voted against it.

According to reports, in an effort to speed up the legislative process, Schumer granted Republicans the opportunity to vote on amendments.

Senator J.D. Vance (R-OH) issued a shocking assessment this week on social media. Senator Vance revealed that the Senate budget plan has provisions that will prevent President Trump from ending funding of the Ukraine war during his second term. There Is a covert impeachment clause in the Ukraine supplemental bill that targets President Trump.  The president has promised an immediate resolution to the conflict in Ukraine.

Vance wrote that foreign military funding in Ukraine amounts to $1.6 billion of the bill, while the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative receives $13.7 billion. Nearly a year into President Trump’s potential second term, these monies will come to an end on September 30, 2025. In December 2019, President Trump was impeached for pausing Ukraine funding. No Republican in the House voted for it.  If President Trump ends the war in Ukraine by cutting off financial aid to the country, it would be tantamount to the identical fraudulent breach of budget law as in the first impeachment, with remarkably similar details and context.  This would be a chance for partisan Democrats to impeach him again. According to the Washington Post, officials in the Biden administration are reportedly openly bragging about their efforts to limit President Trump’s authority in foreign policy.

This new law on Ukraine funding seeks to criminalize Trump’s campaign pledge, and all Republicans should oppose it, according to Senator Vance. In its most basic form, it is an attempt to undermine President Trump.