UK Warns Against Contact Even After COVID Passes

( Get back, granny!

That’s the message government in the UK will be making clear to its citizens even as COVID-19 restrictions are loosened this month.

Beginning May 17, Brits can meet with up to 6 people indoors. This is the first time they’ve been allowed to get together inside in almost six months.

But according to unnamed officials, people will still be cautioned about getting too close. According to BBC News’ chief political correspondent Adam Fleming, the government will urge caution when it comes to physical contact.

That position was backed up by prominent TV personality Dr. Hilary Jones in an interview on Good Morning Britain. In his view, people should refrain from physical contact where possible. He said those who are close enough to touch are close enough to breathe in the breath that others are exhaling, calling it a substantial risk.

In another interview on Good Morning Britain, Dr. Deepti Gurdasani went even further, saying that it may still be too risky to touch anyone, even close family. She expressed skepticism over the government’s decision to relax restrictions as far they have, especially in the face of new COVID-19 variants.

All of this despite the fact that COVID deaths are nearing their all-time lowest rate in the UK and cases are also nearing the summer lows of last year. Just this Monday, England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland recorded no new COVID deaths, while Wales recorded just four.

If this level of caution catches on in the UK, the US may be next. Vanderbilt University infectious diseases professor Dr. William Schaffner believes unvaccinated people who wish to touch others should make it brief and wear a mask while doing so.

CNN medical analyst Dr. Leana Wen added that vaccinated people can have contact as normal, “without restriction, including indoors, without masks.”

How nice to know! At this rate, maybe we’ll be back to normal by 2030, if we’re all behaving.

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