UK Troops Deployed

( The United Kingdom is reportedly preparing to deploy new troops in Eastern Europe as tensions rise in Belarus following the arrival of thousands of illegal migrants at the border.

Much like the situation at the United States’ southern border, illegal aliens regularly attempt to enter the European Union through the outer regions of the political bloc. Once those migrants pass through Eastern European borders they frequently move through the continent until they eventually reach Western European states with lax rules on illegal immigration and generous benefits programs.

The British Ministry of Defense announced last Thursday that some 140 military engineers are being prepared to be sent to Poland, joining a team of 150 who are already stationed in the country.

Another reconnaissance team of military personnel will also be sent to help the situation in Lithuania, a country that has also been under massive pressure from migration.

Many of the illegal aliens are reportedly coming from Belarus, where the Lukashenko regime is becoming increasingly erratic and unpopular. The country’s government has also been accused of hoarding thousands of migrant families who are trying to enter the European Union.

Combined with the fact that Russia is reportedly expected to launch military action in Ukraine, with tens of thousands of Russian troops already stationed on the border, and it looks as though Eastern Europe is ready to explode.

President Joe Biden has warned Russia that there would be sanctions “like never have ever seen before” – yes, a direct quote that doesn’t make any sense – but Russia has shown no sign of walking back its plans.

Boris Johnson, the Conservative British Prime Minister, said that Western leaders will form a “united front” against Russia as the country grows increasingly hostile towards Ukraine, but with more troops being sent to countries neighboring Belarus, it looks as though Western governments and militaries are about to be stretched thin.

Could the Belarus crisis be the distraction Russia needs?