UFO Hunt Launched By Team Of Investigators

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Some of the country’s top aerospace scientists and engineers are launching a project to study unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) after concluding that recent incursions by unknown aircraft pose a safety hazard to commercial and military aircraft.

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), made up of aerospace contractors, government agencies, think tanks, and startups, has established three committees tasked with studying the technology, how these incursions affect pilot and passenger safety and coordinating with federal agencies and international researchers.

The AIAA’s Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena Community of Interest will be co-chaired by former Navy fighter pilot Ryan Graves and NASA planetary scientist Ravi Kopparpu.

Graves recently came forward revealing his own experience with UAPs that hovered over his FA-18 Hornet fighter in 2014 and 2015.

He told Politico that dozens of the 30,000 members of the AIAA have already signed on to the effort, adding that the members are “super excited about what we are doing.” Describing those who have stepped up to lend their expertise, Graves said their experience runs the gamut from “people that have 30-plus years at NASA” to “nontraditional members from the tech community.”

The AIAA initiative, announced last week, was approved by the AIAA Council of Directors.

In a statement announcing the Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena Community of Interest, Ryan Graves said the AIAA can apply its technical skill sets to improve aerospace safety and the understanding of unidentified aerial phenomena.

The group will focus on improving on aviation safety by “enhancing scientific knowledge of, and mitigating barriers to, the study of UAP.” They will present material at AIAA forums and will maintain “an active dialogue” with AIAA members.

This past year, Congress took additional steps to compel the Department of Defense and intelligence agencies to study UAP and share their findings with oversight committees and the public.

This summer, the Pentagon established an All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office that will also study unidentified undersea vehicles. In June, NASA also announced its UAP study.