U.S. To Keep Grip On Old War Order… For Now

(FreedomBeacon.com)- People worldwide have been experiencing an American age for more than a century, characterized by American money, power, institutions, ideals, alliances, and partnerships. But many now think that this protracted era is coming to an end. They maintain that a post-American, post-Western, postliberal order characterized by great-power competition and the ascent of China in both economic and geopolitical spheres is replacing the U.S.-led world.

Some people are happy about this possibility, while others are sad. However, the plot remains the same. The United States is gradually losing ground in the global balance of power. In terms of economic power and geopolitical influence, the East now rivals the West, and nations in the global South are developing swiftly and playing a more significant role in world affairs. The United States no longer shines as brightly as other nations. America is divided and in turmoil, and depressed citizens fear that its greatest days are behind it. Liberal societies around the world are in difficulty. The internationalism that previously supported the United States’ leadership in the world is weakened by nationalism and populism. After sensing blood in the water, China and Russia have jumped in to forcefully attack American hegemony, liberalism, and democracy. In a shot over the bow of a sinking American ship, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a joint statement of principles for a “new era” in which the United States does not rule the globe in February 2022.

In actuality, though, the US is not floundering. The dramatic narrative of decline ignores underlying global historical factors that will keep the United States at the forefront and serve as the main organizer of international politics in the twenty-first century. No one owns or knows the future, to be sure. Political factors that are intricate, fluid, and challenging to understand, as well as decisions made by people everywhere in the world, will influence the future world order. However, the fundamental sources of American strength and influence in the world continue to exist.

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