U.S. Scrambling After Donald Trump Uses Executive Privilege

(FreedomBeacon.com)- The House January 6 investigating committee is trying to get documents from the executive branch from when former President Donald Trump was in the White House.

But, obtaining those documents won’t be an easy road for the committee — as Trump is likely to argue he has executive privilege to keep those documents private.

On Wednesday, the committee sent various demands to eight total government agencies seeking communications and records they might have regarding “how the January 6th events fit in the continuum of efforts to subvert the rule of law, overturn the results of the November 3, 2020, election, or otherwise impede the peaceful transfer of power.”

Many of Trump’s associates, close aides and even his family members received similar requests from the panel.

The committee is asking for any communication or document from the White House “relating in any way” to all the president’s adult children, his wife and any Congress member or staff member in Washington. The panel also requested that the National Archives turn over all communications between the top aides for the former president.

Various watchdog groups, as well as the committee itself, is claiming that those records are all essential to their efforts to hold Trump and others accountable. Tim Stretton, who serves as the director of the Congressional Oversight Initiative at the Project on Government Oversight, said:

“The committee has a right to these documents. This was an attack on Congress and the legislative branch of government. And the committee has a responsibility to find out what exactly happened on that day and what led up to that horrendous attack, and they should have access to all records that help answer those questions.”

Very quickly following news of these requests going public, Trump fired back. He said the requests were just a “partisan sham.” He also vowed to fight against any agencies being forced to turn over the documents, because he had executive privilege.

In a statement, Trump said:

“Unfortunately, this partisan exercise is being performed at the expense of long-standing legal principles of privilege. Executive privilege will be defended, not just on behalf of my Administration and the Patriots who worked beside me, but on behalf of the Office of the President of the United States and the future of our Nation.

“These Democrats only have one tired trick — political theater — and their latest request only reinforces that pathetic reality.”

Even though Trump is no longer in the White House, it seems that he’s going to be as involved as he feels necessary to stop the January 6 investigating committee from getting their hands on the documents they want.

Trump faced many standoffs with Democrats during his four years in the White House. They may have thought he would be gone once he lost the 2020 presidential election, but obviously that isn’t proving to be true at all.

What’s more, it’s possible that even the Biden administration could fight back against some of the requests. They don’t want to open a door that could affect them in the future, either.