U.S. Pentagon Says Nuclear War Now More Likely Than Before

(FreedomBeacon.com)- A report from the Pentagon that was recently published by the press warns that we might be closer to a nuclear war than we have been in a long time, with officials from the U.S. government warning of “increased potential” as enemies of the United States continue stockpiling nuclear weapons.

The 2020 report says that no potential adversary to the United States has either reduced the role of nuclear weapons in their security strategies, or the number of weapons held by those countries.

The report describes how foreign adversaries have moved in the opposite direction, with an increased potential for regional conflicts involving nuclear weapons in various parts of the world. It also describes how there is an increased likelihood for nuclear escalation in existing conflicts and crises.

And to make matters worse, it looks like Iran – the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism – could be only weeks away from developing a nuclear weapon of its own, as talks with the Biden administration went nowhere.

British newspaper The Daily Mail published the contents of the report and revealed that it was completed in April of last year, and offered insight into how the government plans, executes, and assess nuclear weapons globally.

Among the adversaries referenced in the report were China, Russia, Iran, and North Korean. These nations were listed as the primary threats of starting a new nuclear war. It explains how Russia considers the United States and NATO to be the primary threats to its geopolitical ambitions, while China is continuing to increase its nuclear capabilities and the number of intercontinental ballistic missiles in its stockpile.

Iran, the report says, poses “proliferation threats” and retains the technological capacity to develop a weapon within one year – and remember, this report was published over one year ago – and North Korea has “accelerated its provocative pursuit of nuclear weapons.”

Trust something this terrifying to happen while we have the most incapable U.S. president in history in charge…