U.S. Government Colluded With Big Tech To Silence Americans

(FreedomBeacon.com)- New reports found that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention colluded with big tech social platforms and Google to censor any dissent around COVID-19 vaccines, according to Washington Free Beacon. Starting in December 2020, CDC officials reportedly communicated with Twitter, Facebook, and Google over how best to censor what they considered “vaccine misinformation.”

The efforts were so rampant that social media platforms began to censor public heath messaging that the CDC supported. In one internal email, CDC staffer wrote to Facebook saying that the “algorithms that Facebook and other social media networks are apparently using to screen out posting by sources of vaccine misinformation are also apparently screening out valid public health messaging, including [Wyoming] Health communications.”

The coordination between public governmental agencies and private companies raise questions on the extent to which other companies were involved to censor the public. The Biden administration was the subject of criticism after it created the Orwellian “Disinformation Governance Board” under the Department of Homeland Security. The Free Beacon reported that prior to being shut down, the board communicated with a Twitter executive over censoring and blocking users who shared the Hunter Biden laptop story.

The CDC also looked to expand their influence to the Census Bureau in order to leverage their infrastructure to “identify and monitor social media for vaccine misinformation,” as well as toward Google. An email shows that a CDC staffer went to Google’s 2020 “Trusted Media Summit.” The summit was reportedly described by its website as a place “for journalists, fact-checkers, educators, researchers and others who work in the area of fact-checking, verification, media literacy, and otherwise fighting misinformation.”

At the conference, a CDC official was asked whether her remarks could be posted on Youtube, to which she said that her permission was not granted because she was not allowed to speak publicly.

According to several emails, Facebook reportedly awarded the CDC with $15 million in ad credits in April 2021. “This gift will be used by CDC’s COVID-19 response to support the agency’s messages on Facebook, and extend the reach of COVID-19-related Facebook content, including messages on vaccines, social distancing, travel, and other priority communication messages,” an internal CDC memo reads.