U.S. Accused Of Secretly Being Behind Airstrikes

(FreedomBeacon.com)- In its reports on last Tuesday’s airstrikes at the airport in Aleppo, Iranian state media escalated its rhetoric against Israel and the United States, claiming the aircraft flew over eastern Syria which is under the control of the US coalition.

In short, Iran is accusing the United States and the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces of enabling the airstrikes.

Over the last month, there have been two rounds of airstrikes around Aleppo and others near Hama which the Syrian regime and Iranian media have blamed on Israel.

Tuesday’s airstrikes put Syria’s second-largest airport out of service while repairs were carried out. The main runway was damaged in the raid.

Syria’s transport ministry said repairs had been completed on Friday and flights resumed from Aleppo.

There were no reports of injuries in Tuesday’s raid, the second to hit the Aleppo airport in a week.

Since the Syrian civil war erupted eleven years ago, Israel has conducted hundreds of strikes, targeting government troops, Iranian-backed forces, and Hezbollah fighters. While the Israeli military doesn’t comment on specific airstrikes in Syria, it has admitted to carrying out hundreds of sorties against the Iranian-backed forces attempting to secure a foothold in the country. The military has also confirmed attacks on arms shipments believed to be heading for those groups.

Last Thursday, Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad warned Israel over the recent airstrikes, saying the country was “playing with fire” and risking a broader military conflict.

The foreign ministry accused Israel of committing a “war crime according to international law” over the latest airstrikes and demanded Israel be held accountable.

Earlier this year, alleged Israeli airstrikes damaged the Damascus International Airport, stopping air traffic for two weeks. It is believed large weapons from Iran are smuggled into Syria on Iranian cargo flights frequently landing at the Damascus Airport.

By accusing the United States and US-backed forces of enabling last Tuesday’s strikes, the Iranian state media could be trying to create a pretext for Iran and its proxies in Iraq to retaliate against the US.