Two Women Assist In Recovery Of Kidnapped Infants

( On December 19, two twin babies went missing after a suspect allegedly stole their mother’s car which she left idling outside of a Columbus pizza shop while picking up her Door Dash order.

One of the twins, Kyair Thomas, was discovered by a passerby on December 20 in the parking lot of the Dayton International Airport. Kyair’s twin brother Kason Thomas, however, remained missing.

According to an account in the Indianapolis Star, Kason was eventually found and the kidnapper arrested thanks to the bravery and quick thinking of two cousins, Shyann Delmar and Mecka Curry.

On December 20, Delmar purchased toys from a woman hanging out at a gas station in northwest Indianapolis. Afterward, Delmar gave the woman, who called herself “Mae,” a ride to the Family Dollar down the street. During the ride, Delmar and “Mae” exchanged phone numbers.

According to Delmar, when “Mae” began acting erratically, Delmar decided to film her on her cell phone.

After she dropped “Mae” off, Delmar shared the story with her cousin, showing her the video she had taken.

On December 21, Delmar saw mugshots of the suspect, Nalah T. Jackson, on Facebook, so she compared “Mae’s” image from the video to the mugshots, noticing similarities.

Later that day, “Mae” called Delmar to see if she wanted to purchase more items from her. The following day, Delmar called her back and the two arranged to meet. Convinced that “Mae” was Nalah T. Jackson, Delmar asked Curry to come with her.

The women met with “Mae” and took her shopping at different stores. While Delmar went with “Mae,” Curry phoned the police to report the suspected kidnapper.

Curry kept detectives informed of their location throughout the shopping trip until the police finally stopped the car and arrested Jackson (AKA “Mae”).

But baby Kason was still missing.

The sleuthing cousins, however, decided to find him by tracking down the stolen car.

On December 22, Delmar and Curry found the stolen car in a parking lot near a Papa John’s restaurant. Inside the locked car, they spotted the missing baby.

Delmar found two police officers nearby and told them about the child.