Two Teens Arrested In Connection With Abuse Of Unconscious Girl

Two male juveniles have been arrested concerning a sexual battery case involving a juvenile female.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said in a press statement that Ethan Eures and Daniel Brown were detained last week. The statement implies that they collaborated in the rape of a minor.

According to investigators, underage drinking occurred at a party on September 23 among a group of youths in Plant City. A teenage girl got so drunk that she blacked out, as reported by investigators. Police say a 17-year-old raped her while she was unconscious.

Detectives claim the 18-year-old Eures filmed and uploaded the incident to various social media sites.

On September 24th, the victim learned about the sexual assault after seeing the footage online. The victim reportedly phoned the police. On Thursday, police apprehended the first suspect, and on Friday, the second suspect surrendered. Both suspects admitted their guilt.

Detectives say they have arrested Brown on suspicion of sexual battery committed by a minor under the age of 18 on a victim 12 or older. According to the detectives, the second suspect, Eures, has been charged with unauthorized use of a two-way communication device and promotion and distribution of a sexual act by a minor.

Sheriff Chad Chronister said he is horrified by these guys who exploited someone in such a vulnerable state.

“I’m sorry this young lady had to go through this, and I applaud her for reporting it to the police. This arrest sends a strong message to anyone who thinks they can get away with violating the rights of others. We will not stand for this behavior in Hillsborough County, and we will see to it that this victim gets the punishment she deserves,” said Chronister.

Eures, who secured bond last week, is accused of encouraging a kid to engage in sexual activity and of using an illegal two-way communication device, according to court documents. Brown has been charged with sexual battery by someone under 18 against someone aged 12 or older.