Twitter’s New ‘X’ On Building Installed Without City Permit

Twitter, Inc., had installed a gigantic illuminated “X” above its San Francisco offices, reportedly without a building permit. 

Reports show following Elon Musk’s announcement that Twitter would be renamed “X” last week, the sign marking the corporate office as Twitter was taken down. X Corporation is now the site’s parent business after Musk declared his intention to build “the everything app.” 

The Twitter name worked since it consisted of simply 140-character communications between individuals. Like birds tweeting.  But, as Musk points out, users can now share much more on the platform, including videos that play for many hours. In the following months, X will be able to handle all of your financial needs and full-scale communications. 

The city of San Francisco, where the company’s headquarters are located, claimed the new X sign wasn’t installed properly. 

Last week, a complaint was filed against the firm with San Francisco’s building inspections over the installation of a sign without valid permission. An inspector spoke with X representatives and maintenance engineer representatives.  The representative denied the inspector’s request for access to the sign and said that it was a temporary illuminated sign for an event.

The municipal inspector said they informed the company’s officials that the sign needed to be removed or licensed before it could stay in place. 

The new sign had been met with opposition from more than just the city of San Francisco.

A report shows Musk’s sign on Twitter’s headquarters caused problems for photosensitive individuals and had become an annoyance to nearby residents.

People with photosensitive disability may rely on the Americans with Disabilities Act for protection. 

Musk eventually removed the sign.

A few days after it was put up, the flashing “X” sign was taken down from atop the building.  On Monday, the San Francisco building inspectors reported receiving twenty-four complaints about the unauthorized structure. There were several complaints concerning the building’s safety and lighting.