Twitter Removing “Fleets” Feature From Platform As It Collapses

( In November of last year, Twitter introduced a feature similar to those offered on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook which allow users to publish a “story” post which would remain at the top of timelines for a day and then expire. And apparently these so-called “Fleets” weren’t setting the world on fire.

This week, Twitter announced that on August third, Fleets would beat feet.

Since launching Fleets in November, Twitter has seen no increase in users taking advantage of the feature.

According to a Twitter blog post by Ilya Brown, Twitter’s head of product, brand and video ads, Fleets just didn’t take off the way Twitter hoped. Brown explained that Twitter built Fleets as a “low-pressure, ephemeral way” for Twitter users to post their fleeting thoughts. Apparently, Twitter thought users posting Fleets would “help more people feel comfortable joining the conversation.”

But why “build” Fleets to do that when that pretty much is what tweeting is about?

Twitter makes idiotic changes like this while refusing to create an edit option.

But fear not, Twitter users, according to Ilya Brown, there were several other new features rolled out in the past few months – though none of them allow users to edit typos in tweets.

Among the other features Twitter hopes don’t flame out like Fleets is a subscription service that will open up additional features to users who pay a monthly fee.

Brown assures users that they are “evolving what Twitter is.” And in doing so they will try “bigger, bolder things to serve the public conversation.”

Of course those “bigger, bolder things” won’t include leaving the public conversation alone and not banning people. Because a free exchange of ideas is just too big and bold for Twitter.

One possible future Twitter offering could be something called “Super Follows.” This feature would allow users to charge money to followers in exchange for exclusive content not available to regular followers.

Recently, Twitter also launched a “Tip Jar” feature that lets users send and receive money on Twitter. Of course Twitter gets their cut.

Which, at the end of the day is the goal. Earlier this year, Twitter announced that it hopes to double its revenue by 2023.

If only it could double its inherent value.