Twitter Is Reportedly Allowing Attacks Of Kamala Harris That It Normally Censors For Other People

( A new report shows that abusive tweets directed at Vice President Kamala Harris have not been taken down by Twitter. Twitter’s initial assessment of the tweets stated that the tweets did not violate their policy.

Bot Sentinel, a reportedly “non-partisan organization that works to combat disinformation and targeted harassment online,” found that this year more than 4,200 tweets directed at Harris contained racist content and sexual harassment. There has been frequent use of the n-word, sexual images manipulated to make it look as though the vice president were engaged in lewd acts, and death threats.

Christopher Bouzy, the founder of Bot Sentinel, told CBS News that the tweets clearly go against Twitter’s engagement policy. The organization began to look into the matter when a “group of preeminent Black women” told them that Twitter ignored their numerous reports of the abusive tweets.

Following the matter closer, Bot Sentinel released 40 abusive tweets last week, but only removed two of them and stated that 20 of them that threatened to kill Harris did not go against the platform’s policies.

Twitter later said that their initial review was a mistake and those tweets needed to be removed. Twitters rules and policies around engagement include that violence, harassment, and hateful conduct are subject to removal of the tweets or suspension.

Twitter’s conduct comes as a surprise as some users have been removed for a lot less. Most recently, the controversial LibsOfTikTok account was locked out of her account for posting a thread showing drag queens dancing in front of children. She would be allowed back in on the condition that she deleted the tweets.

New York Post was also locked out of their account on the same condition after publishing their breaking story on Hunter Biden’s laptop. The story was repressed before the election and remains another example of election interference by big tech.

The platform’s former CEO Jack Dorsey later admitted that Twitter’s action against the Post was incorrect and falsely claimed that the Post had their account “almost immediately” reinstated.

The Post was banned for 16 days.